Friday, July 31, 2020

Book Review: Where to Submit Christian Writing

A small but valuable resource for freelance writers. If you’re new to writing, Jake Doberenz lists many small, nonpaying markets you might break into. If you’re an experienced writer, you’ll be familiar with many of the publishers listed, but you’ll still discover many denominational and other small publications that aren’t listed in the traditional writer’s market-type books.

I liked the way the e-book provides website links to each publication. Just click and you can view writer’s guidelines and more. I also like the way Doberenz arranged his book by separating paying and nonpaying publications. And I appreciate the wide range of topics indexed—from “Academic,” “Apologetics” and “Art” to “Screen Writing and Film,” “Women” and “Writing and Blogging.”

 I am happy I discovered this handy resource with concise descriptions of magazines including denominational publications with which I was not familiar.


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