Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Book Review: Relentless

Relentless: The Unshakeable Presence of a God Who Never Leaves

Through the lens of biblical accounts, author Michele Cushatt shines light on how God is with us even in the most difficult places. She has encountered God Presence in her own life as she has survived physical pain and even disfigurement.

Besides undergoing difficult cancer treatments and surgeries, Michele has raised “children from hard places.” She knows the meaning of suffering, so this is not a book meant to entertain. By identifying marker events, “altar stones,” in our own lives, Michele points out how God is with us even when we may not realize His Presence.

I appreciated the many quotes and examples Michele included within the chapters. Her writing style is easy to read and understand. Chapter titles include: “A God Who Has Always Wanted to be With You,” “A God Whose Mercy Carries You” and “A God Who is With You When You Reach the End of Yourself.”

The book cover sports an endorsement from Philip Yancey: “To anyone who experiences, pain, depression, confusion, or simply a nagging sense of life’s unfairness, I recommend Michele Cushatt as a trustworthy guide.” Published by Zondervan in 2019, the book has eight more endorsers including Sheila Walsh and Liz Curtis Higgs

For anyone dealing with pain—either mental, emotional or physical—Relentless offers hope for the journey. And even if you’re not dealing with difficult life events, this book will help you recognize God at work in our lives. Back matter contains questions to discuss, so it’s a good pick for a book club or Bible study.

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