Thursday, January 30, 2020

Book Review: Reshaping It All

This book is about far more than reshaping your body. Candace Cameron Bure tells just how her life has changed physically and spiritually since she became serious about her faith.

Bure writes: “My body is a temple to be used by Him and for Him. He desires that we seek a spiritual transformation, not merely a moral one.” Her chapters cover everything from gaining victory over temptation to leaving a legacy, something she takes quite seriously with her own family.

Chapters are short, and I loved how each chapter ends with “The Pantry, Chocked-Full of Food For Thought.” This section includes “The Main Ingredient,” the gist of the chapter in a paragraph. Then there’s “A Slice of Advice,” a letter from a fan asking a question, which Bure answers. “A Pinch of Practicality” offers Bure’s suggestions on how to carry out your quest to transform, and “Food for Thought” offers related scriptures. Finally there’s “The Candy Dish” quote and an easy, practical and nutritious recipe. I plan to try some.

Bure inspires us to lead authentic Christian lives: “When the changes we make are anchored in the will of God and when our love for God becomes the driving force in our lives, we discover the ultimate trainer is with us, cheering us on.”

Fans will also enjoy the section of photos included on glossy pages. I appreciated how Bure spoke of her relationship with her husband Val and their children Natasha, Lev and Maksim. By the time you finish the book, they feel like the family next door.

This is a great book for both the new and mature Christians, since we all need encouragement to live for Christ in all areas of our lives. I plan to read two books that inspired her because I want to live the kind of faith she demonstrates.

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