Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Book Review: Walking Tall in Babylon

Walking Tall in Babylon: Raising Children to be Godly and Wise in a Perilous World

If you have parents of teens or younger children on your gift list, this is the book for them. Author Connie Neal shares how she and her husband are raising their children to live in a culture taken over by nonChristian beliefs. They are teaching their children to think critically about what they see and hear. Her goal is that her children can govern their own behavior by the time they leave home.

Neal lists the characteristics of biblical Daniel and his friends to illustrate how they withstood the pressures of living in Babylon while remaining true to God. She shares detailed experiences of nurturing her own family with the goal of equipping her children to resist sinful behaviors and to stand for truth among their peers.

I like how Neal recommends books that may be useful to parents. I also like how Neal backs up her points with scripture and notes when she takes the liberty of deducing conclusions from biblical stories.

This book includes a chart to guide you in teaching children the interplay between moral absolutes, consequences, mercy and grace. The author shows deep respect and knowledge of God’s laws and ways of working in the world. For instance, she offers questions to discuss (with answers) to evaluate the story of David and Bathesheba.

Walking Tall in Babylon concludes with a Group Study and Discussion Guide, so it would be an excellent tool for small groups and Sunday school classes.

Neal’s last chapter offers hope: “But let us rest in the sure knowledge that our God is good, and powerful, and sovereign over all, in that he is intent on delivering those who are his during the most perilous times.” A must-read for parents . . . and grandparents. After all, we also want our grandchildren to “walk tall in Babylon.”

Neal has written dozens of books, including What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter?.

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