Friday, May 10, 2019

Five Ways to be a Game-Changing Momma (or Poppa)!

Dear Friends,

Have you noticed? Actions have consequences. I learned that growing up on a farm. If you don’t pull weeds, they choke vegetables. If you don’t water the garden, plants die. If you don’t feed the animals, you hear wailing from the barn. Actually, I don’t think that EVER happened because farmers know: Actions. Have. Consequences. And failing to act when you should, also carries consequences.

Society seems to have forgotten that lesson. We’ve fed a generation on violence through video games, movies and television shows. Is it really surprising some turn to violence to solve problems? In a society raised on violence, some become violent and the rest live in fear of violence. Actions have consequences.

I read of parents who are raising their children free from religious constraints. They expect the children to make their own choices when they are adults. But will children have any interest in spirituality if they’ve never been exposed to spiritual matters? Just asking.

So what positive actions can we take to offset the world’s negative messages? We can take seriously Romans 12:1:2: “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” Here are some “Be’s” to consider:

Be sure to get into God’s Word daily and respect it as an authority so that you know how God feels about current issues and events. That will transform the way you think. Don’t settle for the interpretation of a verse pulled out of context. Read whole passages, whole books. Discern the principles behind the passages.

Be sure your children and grandchildren know right from wrong, naughty from nice. Share your values. Be honest at the checkout counter and on tax returns. Talk about sexual purity, the sanctity of marriage and the importance of commitment. Demonstrate loyalty in friendship and family. Be generous.

Be sure to be a public witness for God and His principles. Offer your take on controversial subjects around the water cooler and among friends and extended family. Let others know you stand for God, life and morality. You may not win a popularity contest, but when the going gets rough, you’re the one they’ll turn to for advice and prayer.

Be sure to pray. Pray with those having problems and pray for those who may not feel connected with God. Invite them to church or a small group fellowship. Help them to find the connection they may not realize they’re missing.

Be sure to be gracious to others no matter their race, creed or lifestyle. After all, they are made in the image of God. And God is gracious to us, far more gracious than we deserve.

We can be game-changing mommas (and poppas) if we draw closer to God and take seriously the roles God assigned to us. Never forget: Actions have consequences. And failing to act when we should also carries consequences.

May you be like the Proverbs 31 gal, whose children rise up and call her blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

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