Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Book Review: Sisterhood of Faith

Good news! Read all about it! Sisterhood of Faith: 365 Life-Changing Stories about Women Who Made a Difference is now available as an E-book.

I am the author of Sisterhood, and to write this book I read about, talked to or e-mailed women from all walks of life. What a privilege to hear of their accomplishments and their struggles. They are a mix of famous and ordinary women, a point my publisher liked.

As Christian women, we need to know our history so we can find our place in the chain of faith that links the generations. We also know need to know that where we see a door close on ministry, God sees a window of opportunity. This book came about after I taught a seminary course on Women in Ministry and found that many of the women in my class felt confused about their calling.

The book includes stories of women such as Patsy Clairmont, who overcame a fear of agoraphobia (fear of public places) to become a nationally known speaker. Vibia Perpetua, an early Christian martyr. Anne Hutchinson, a Bible teacher persecuted in England and America. And Ella Mavretic, a personal friend who has delivered hundreds of pumpkin rolls to the sick or grieving.

The women I wrote about founded ministries, funded ministries and remained faithful no matter what. Arranged alphabetically, their stories include their birthdates, dates of death if deceased and scripture verses that might have informed their actions. I list each woman’s service and draw a message from her life. After telling her story, I challenge the reader to respond.

The book includes a detailed bibliography, in case you want to know more about any of the women. As I am re-reading my own book this year, it motivates me to respond to God’s call on my life, no matter the age, no matter the stage.

Published by Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Sisterhood of Faith began as a hard cover book, but when those copies sold out, it was published as a trade paperback. And now I am so excited that it is available as an e-book. You can purchase the book from Simon & Schuster, Amazon or order hard copies at www.friendsoftheheart.us.

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