Thursday, March 29, 2018

Book Review: Same Kind of Different as Me

This is the true story of an unlikely friendship that developed between an illiterate homeless black man and a wealthy art dealer and his wife when their paths crossed at the Union Gospel Mission, Fort Worth, Texas. It’s a saga of forgiveness, mercy and grace that changed their lives forever. Hard to describe without telling the story, and I don’t want to spoil it for you. But this is one of the most inspirational books you’ll ever read.

Ron and Debbie Hall and Denver Moore lived in different worlds. And Moore was more than a little leery of the Halls’ motives in serving at the mission. Moore had been beaten down in life from the time he tried to help a white woman fix a flat tire and three teenagers came along, roped him and dragged him behind their horses. But the Halls proved their friendship, and three lives were forever changed. Yours will be too.

The back of the book offers thought-provoking questions for reflection along with “A Conversation with the Authors.”

Chapters are written in the voices of either Ron Hall or Denver Moore, and only the first two chapters are titled with their names. From then on, you have to figure it out from their voice, which is not hard, since Moore speaks in a typical southern dialect. While Hall is the educated one, Moore offers down-to-earth homespun advice—both practical and spiritual—that can’t be beat.

A great choice for book discussion groups. This is a book every Christian needs to read—and apply.

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