Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Book Review: Giving It All Away

In this book, David Green, founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, shares his philosophy of generosity and the results it has had in his family and his business. He writes, “At the core of any meaningful life and legacy has to be a vision for generosity, an understanding of what it means to be a blessing to others.”

According to Green, it starts with a decision to steward your resources with a heavenly mindset. That was his reaction when Hobby Lobby was taken to court for refusing to pay for birth control medications that induced what he considered abortions. Green and his family, who runs the business with him, agreed that their business belonged to God, whatever the outcome. They won the legal battle.

While it’s not a biography, the book includes interesting tidbits about Green’s background. His father, a pastor, was disappointed when Green did not enter ministry of some type. But Green followed his passion to enter retail sales, and now Hobby Lobby gives away half its profits.

Green stresses the book is not about riches, but about leaving a legacy. His parents were poor, yet they left a legacy of generosity. He suggests setting goals and if you own a business, developing mission and vision statements.

A Reader’s Guide closes out the eleven chapters of this short book, making it a good prospect for small group study.

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