Thursday, November 12, 2015

Book Review: When God Doesn't Fix It

When God Doesn't Fix It by Laura Story with Jennifer Schuchmann

Laura Story had to rethink her relationship with God when her husband developed a brain tumor, barely survived surgery and was left with short-term memory loss. She writes: “Am I going to let my circumstances determine my view of God, or am I going to let God determine how I view my circumstances?” She chose the latter approach, but life has not been easy. 

Laura had just accepted a new job as a church worship leader in Atlanta, Georgia, when her husband became ill. They had moved there from South Carolina, and Martin had planned to find a job as well. But those plans derailed with his diagnosis. Life would never again be “normal.” And how could Laura lead others in worship when her heart was breaking? If you’ve heard the song “Blessings,” you will learn how it originated. And therein lies the beauty of Laura’s story. Moving forward step by step, through unknown territory, the couple found God’s strength and peace and now inspire others.

I loved the way each chapter ends with a Myth and a Truth: For example: Myth: God’s primary desire is to fix broken things. Truth: God’s primary desire is to fix my broken relationship with him. Myth: Trials are a curse. Truth: Trials are an opportunity. This is a book for every Christian to read, because all of us face challenges that cannot be “fixed” at one time or another. It would make a great Christmas gift for men or women.

While the message is serious, the delivery of it is light and even at times humorous. It’s an enjoyable read, considering the sobering situation the couple faced. And it’s an inspirational read, for it leaves you looking around to see how God may be working through your own challenges.