Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's Your Spiritual Blood Pressure?

I took my blood pressure last evening and found it was 89/45. That’s low. Shows what a relaxing evening can do for you. Blood pressure indicates your heart is pumping efficiently. When you get excited, the heart pumps faster, like a basketball player charging in for a slam-dunk. When you’re sitting on the bench, your blood pressure drops.

So how’s your spiritual blood pressure? Are you excitedly charging for a goal? Or are you sitting on the bench?  Let's take stock.

1.      When was the last time you read your Bible? How many days of the week do you read scripture? Do you have a reading plan? Is your plan working?

I normally read through the Bible in a year, but this year I decided to read only the scripture listed for the day in my main devotional book. This is OK, but I much prefer the through-the-Bible-in-a-year. It’s just the nature of the beast. I like getting the big picture.

2.       When was the last time you prayed? Do you call God only on 911? How many times a week do you chat with Him?

I read a suggestion to open moments of a devotional time praising God, then move to thanking him before beginning intercessory prayer. I like the pattern. It keeps my focus on who God is. As I pray, I like to keep in mind that God may expect me to do something to answer my own prayers.

3.       When was the last time you felt excited about going to church? Do you go because it’s your duty? Because you have duties that require your attendance? Do you look forward to worshipping with God’s people? And if not, why not? Do you regularly rub shoulders with other Christians?

We’ve all had dry spells, but I’ve found if I just do what I know is right to do, God blesses. I am greatly encouraged by worship and Bible studies and personal conversations with people who love God. Meaningful conversations happen when least expected.

4.       Does the Christian life excite you? Do you look for opportunities to share encouraging thoughts? Do you look for God at work throughout the day? Are you expecting Him to show up?

I know my physical blood pressure spikes when I get moving. This morning, after ironing, my blood pressure is 109/60. Maybe the same is true of your spiritual bp. Maybe your pressure will rise if you find a friend and share ideas about how to grow in the Lord. Or sign up for a neighborhood Bible study. Maybe you need to find someone to pray for you and with you.

So have some fun and take your spiritual blood pressure. Let’s consider a bp reading of 120/70 to be “normal.” As you answer the above questions, drop your pressure 10 points for each round of questions that elicits a majority of negative responses. If you drop below 100/50, grab a basketball and dribble off for a walk and a talk with God. Let’s see where He leads. And please share a comment about what works for you to boost your spiritual blood pressure.

Have a blessed day!


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