Saturday, August 31, 2013

Book Review: The Cellist of Sarajevo

For those who never experienced life in a war zone, this novel by Steve Galloway takes you there through the eyes of four main characters. Living in very different situations, the four face a common enemy—snipers shooting from the hills. The story bares not only their precarious existence but their very souls and the impact the struggle to survive has upon them. In the midst of this mayhem, one of them, the cellist, vows to play his instrument on the street for 22 days in honor of 22 people killed by a bomb.  

The story makes you count your blessings and pray for peace. It was chosen by our local library system as the 2013 book selection.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Answering Life's Tough Questions


Have you ever wondered if you know enough to answer the questions people ask you as a Christian? Through speaking and writing, I share my life story of how God has seen me through many heartaches, including a job loss and the death of our youngest child, our only daughter, at birth. But then I meet people who live in constant pain, who have lost all they owned in a flood, who have far less resources than I. I don’t have a pat answer to their questions about why God allows such heartache. And I must admit, I sometimes wonder: Will God really meet such overwhelming needs?

But God is God, and that is the wonder of it all. I don’t have to understand why things happen. I don’t have to have an answer for every question life poses. I don’t have to know what God is doing behind the scenes. It is sufficient that I know God. And I know he is working. And I know he will be sufficient for them in their distress just as he has always proved to be sufficient for me.

That thought brings me peace. I need not question whether I should not be speaking or writing just because I haven’t overcome every experience life might throw at me. It is sufficient that I know a God who is bigger than life itself. And I know that he is able to help people deal with every situation of life. In fact, I’m counting on it.

He gives power to those who are tired or worn out; he offers strength to the weak. Isaiah 40:29

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