Monday, April 8, 2013

A God Moment

Have you ever had a God moment? I had one just last month.

Earlier this year our choir director asked me to narrate our Easter cantata. I was surprised. I am not a choir member, and my voice is not strong. I always need a microphone for speaking engagements. However, I try to walk through open doors the Lord puts before me. Since I had no reason to say no, I said yes.

The experience was truly a God moment. I had imagined myself reading a paragraph between songs, and at times I did. But much of the time I needed to read during a song’s introduction. If I correctly paced myself, I ended just as the choir started singing and the composition flowed.

The narration was sooo meaningful as it pointed to Christ as the Lamb of God. I enjoyed pausing for emphasis, speeding up to show excitement and in general showing emotion through my voice.

The evening of the event, I joined a community choir to present “The Song of the Lamb.” Can you even imagine? Here we were of various denominational persuasions, setting aside our differences to praise our Lord. I felt as though I was before the throne of God, joining with the multitude to lift up the name of Jesus.

I write this to encourage you to take advantage of opportunities God brings your way. Accept opportunities to serve your church, even though it means stepping outside of your comfort zone. Pursue an interest, even though it involves risk. Who knows what special moments the experience may hold?

If you have had a similar experience you can share, please leave a comment at Let’s encourage each other.

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