Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Christmas Means To Me

Blessed Christmas from our house to yours!

 I have many special Christmas memories from my childhood: trudging through snow to cut down a Christmas tree on our farm; decorating windows with baking soda paste; waiting for Santa. On Christmas eve, my sisters and I would be washing dishes and hear jingle bells followed by a knock. There stood Santa, wearing a black-and-red-plaid coat, just like my older brother’s, with a sack of presents on his back. He always brought me a doll. I loved mothering baby dolls.

These memories are very special, but even more special is what Christmas means to me as an adult.

  1. Christmas means my past is pardoned. I don’t know about you, but I feel shame when I think of things I’ve done through the years. I have many regrets. I have not always been gracious and kind. I know that I can never be good enough to enter God’s Presence on my own merit. But the good news is: Christ came to earth and took the punishment for my sins when he died on that cross. He bridged the gap sin created between God and me. And by rising from the dead, Jesus proved his victory over death itself. Because of Jesus, my past is pardoned.

  1. Christmas means my present is secured. Jesus walks with me through every experience of life. I need not fear bad news, because my heart is steadfast, trusting in God. When I am sad, Jesus is my Comforter. When I face decisions, Jesus is my Counselor. When I am lonely, Jesus is my Friend. He is the Light in the dark corners of life. There is nowhere I go that He does not walk with me, and He often touches me through others. Because of Jesus, my present is secured.

  1. Christmas means my future is assured. Because of Jesus, my life will continue right on into eternity. I just read a novel (The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom) where a man dying of cancer planned to avoid death by having his body frozen so that it might be revived once a cure for his disease was found. I don’t have to worry about that. To me, dying means I simply change locations. Just as a baby moves from its mother’s womb into the world when it is born, so I will transition from this world into heaven. Because of Jesus, my future is assured.
 What does Christmas mean to you? Please share a few memories by leaving a comment.

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May your Christmas season be blessed.