Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Review: An Invisible Thread

An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski tells the amazing story of a sales executive who befriends a child named Maurice who was begging for a handout on a New York City street corner. Their friendship takes them--and you through the pages of the book--on a journey through wide-open spaces and dark tunnels. Just when you think you what lies around the next corner, surprises pop up to keep you turning those pages.

As Scroff shares the story of this most unusual friendship she reflects on her own background while confronting issues in her own life. Regardless of your lot in society, you’ll meet people who live quite differently from you. In this book you’ll learn about facing adversity with courage and heartache with determination. You’ll also come to understand that things are not always as they seem.

An Invisible Thread will inspire you to become all you were meant to be. The book ends with a poignant letter from Maurice and an insightful dialogue with Laura. A wonderful 5-star read.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Just wanted to remind you that today, May 14, is the last day of our Blog Tour. It’s the last day to enter our contest to win one of the following: 1) a 30-minute telephone consultation on writing with Shirley; 2) a 30-minute consultation on children and sports with Janine; 3) a 30-minute consultation with Kim on building a youth ministry; 4) a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Thanks to all of you who already entered our contest. We will hold a drawing as soon as Janine, Kim and I can schedule a time to get together after the contest ends.

It’s been a busy month. Since April 1, Friends of the Heart has spoken at six events and I have spoken at four more on my own. One more coming up this Wednesday. We’ve also held a book signing.

Our private lives have also been busy. Janine’s daughter Megan competes on the Penn State track team and came in ninth out of 19 in the Big Ten javelin throw competition on Saturday in Wisconsin. Janine’s son graduates from Bucknell this weekend. Congratulations to the Boyer kids!

Some of my speaking was in Virginia, so that meant traveling, and Kim has been busy with family responsibilities.

As we’ve shared in Mother’s Day events, I share three things I learned from my mother and the author Catherine Marshall, 3 P’s: 1) Practice the presence of God in every day life. By that I mean, become more aware that God is with you in the good, the bad and the ordinary. 2) Pray and read your Bible every single day. 3) Persevere. Catherine Marshall wrote that the difference between resignation and acceptance is this. Resignation says, “Poor me. Now that this has happened to me, I have no hope.” Acceptance says, “I have a creative God. I will watch and see how he works this out.”

As a farm wife, my mother pattered perseverance for me. She planted those veggies, watched for those first two leaves to pop out of the ground, hoed, weeded and finally harvested. That was the beginning of another tiring process: canning and freezing enough to see us through the winter months. My father was ill with heart disease and Parkinson’s, and that too was a heavy load for her to carry. But she never complained. Never questioned God. She simply did what needed to be done and persevered. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I miss your quiet, encouraging presence in my life.

May the three lessons I learned encourage your heart today. Don’t forget to visit our website to enter our contest, which ends TODAY:

Have a blessed day.