Saturday, April 29, 2017

Joy in the Morning

Dear Friends,

We delight in our backyard birds. The sight of a gold finch on the clothesline outside my window takes my breath away. As we eat breakfast, we watch bluebirds chase squirrels away from their nesting box. Nature entertains better than television.

But one recent morning we noticed something sticking out of the bluebird house, and it wasn’t a bluebird’s head. It was part of the nest. Closer investigation confirmed our fears. A pile of blue feathers on the ground told us something had gotten its paws or claws on our backyard friend. Inside the bird house the nest was askew, eggs spilling over the side. Bill tidied things up. Perhaps new tenants will move in.

Then I checked the cardinal nest in the rhododendron. That nest too was askew; no eggs and no cardinals in sight. Something sinister stalks our backyard. What can it be? A cat? A squirrel? A hawk? We may never know. But that sinister creature hurt our birds and stole our joy.

So it is in life. We cruise along, enjoying the scenery. Then something sinister creeps in. A crime against us, an illness, a disappointment, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one. All of a sudden we are not as happy as we were before. I for one like things to be perfect. Life is not perfect when I’m suffering or watching a loved one suffer. My happiness dampens as problems deepen.

The bottom line is that life is not perfectly smooth. We have to accept the bumps in the road. Perhaps they jog us into a closer relationship with God. Perhaps they help us appreciate the good times to a greater degree. Predators are part of nature and, unfortunately, part of life as well. Germs, death, accidents, criminals—all predators. They may steal our happiness for a day but they cannot steal the joy of living unless we hand it over.

Take joy this day in what God has done for you. That’s why we celebrated Easter. Christ died on the cross so that someday we can be with him in heaven. There all will be joy! Forever! For the time being, I will delight in God’s grace du jour—a sunny sky, breakfast on the table, a family to enjoy, even April showers that bring May flowers. Oh, there goes a bunny, a fresh addition to our backyard, a creature that doesn’t climb birdhouses and bushes. Welcome!


P. S. A neighbor told us who the culprit was. Our sign is for real.

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