Friday, December 2, 2016

Keeping Christ in Christmas!

Dear Friends,

Do you display a Nativity as part of your Christmas decor? As I meditate on mine, I am struck by how baby Jesus commands attention. His mother meets his physical needs, wrapping him in cloths, cuddling him. His earthly father protects him from unexpected visitors. Shepherds come to him, even while at work. Wise men bow and offer their riches to him. Even animals focus on this child who will become Savior of the world.

This year I had trouble placing my Nativity because we had rearranged the living room. The table I usually used was not available. So I placed the figures on a dining room sideboard, but there they didn’t show up well. I then put them on top of a writing desk, but they looked crowded. On to the mantle. Yes! I love this arrangement. And it puts Jesus front and center in my living room.

So I ask myself: Is he front and central in my life? Like the shepherds, do I focus on him even when at work? Like the wise men, do I dedicate my riches to him? Like Mary and Joseph, do I keep him at the center of my family life?

I always send Christmas cards with a manger scene, because I want to remind people that Christ is central to Christmas. But does my life remind people that Jesus is central in my life—every single day of the year? Let’s COMMIT to doing that:

C – Come to Christ every single day through Bible reading and prayer.
O – Open our mouths to share God’s love with others, to pray with them, to put in a good word for the Lord as opportunities arise.
M – Make ourselves respond in a Christ-like way to our families, colleagues, friends and neighbors. (Yes, it starts with a decision.)
M – Move our eyes from earthly circumstances to a heavenly perspective, to see things as God sees them.
I – Incline our hearts to the Lord 24/7.
T – Trust God to work all things together for our good.

If our lives shows these tendencies, we will do more to build the kingdom than any Nativity on a mantle or on cards.

Lord, help me to keep you front and central on Christmas Day and every other day of the year!

Before we open gifts, I always share with my family a memorized scripture, a prayer or an inspirational reading or thought. Please comment to share how you keep Christ in Christmas. Let’s inspire each other. (To comment, click on the link at the bottom of this post.)

Blessed Christmas to you!


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