Thursday, December 15, 2016

Book Review: Feminine Wiles: Creative Techniques for Writing Women's Feature Stories that Sell

If you write feature stories for newspapers or magazines, Feminine Wiles is a must read. Author Donna Elizabeth Boetig has been published in many if not all of “the seven sisters” magazines, magazines that pay big bucks—Family Circle, Woman’s Day, Ladies’ Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, McCall’s, Redbook and Better Homes and Gardens—and she has learned a great deal writing for such national publications.

In Feminine Wiles Boetig shares the ups and downs of her own journey, but more importantly, she shares specifics about approaching editors: how to construct a query letter, where to get ideas, how to write with a passionate point of view. The book includes Reader’s Digest’s “secret formula” for structure in writing true life dramas. And Boetig also shares practical advice on matters such as the 
feasibility of multiple submissions.

I want to remember advice such as: “In every woman’s story you write, strive to pinpoint an image or concept that will help the story live on in the reader’s mind.” And I was not aware that The American Directory of Writer’s Guidelines may be available at libraries. (Unfortunately, not at mine.) What a treasure trove of information that would offer.

Besides information about the construction of articles, Boetig offers advice on interviewing. She suggests repeating the last words of a subject’s response to draw them out further.

Published by Quill Drive Books/Word Dancer Press, Inc., I highly recommend this book to all writers. I may have to return my library copy and buy a copy for myself; it’s that valuable.

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