Saturday, March 26, 2016

Book Review: Messed Up Men of the Bible

I’m sure we’ve all wondered about certain Bible characters, their attitudes and actions. Why did Peter deny Christ? What turned Saul into a reckless ruler? How could David have failed as a father? Husband and wife Tina and Dave Samples look at these men along with nine others and consider their strengths and their weaknesses. Fulfilling the subtitle of "Seeing the Men in Your Life Through God's Eyes," the authors help us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our own fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.

Dave is a pastor while Tina is a registered music therapist who works on staff with her husband. Subheads identify which of them wrote which part of each chapter; to me that made the book a bit choppy. However, together they offer the male/female perspective on the behavior of men with boxed lists of how to react to various types of men such as: a controlling man, an angry man, a depressed man. Some of their suggestions seemed simplistic but certainly offer food for thought.

Each chapter ends with a “Moving Beyond the Mess” section with questions for self or group study, questions that would surely generate good discussion in women’s Bible studies. The book helps you to see the potential in the men in your life and guides you in supporting them to become all God intends them to be.


Dave Samples said...

Thanks for the review, Shirley. Blessings!

Shirley Brosius said...

You are welcome. And blessings to you as well. Keep on writing!