Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hands, Gloves, Christmas and YOU!

Dear Friends,

When I think of Christmas I think of snow and snowsuits and scarves and gloves. Gloves! Now there’s an interesting topic.

Like a hand, a glove has four fingers, a palm and a wrist. But a glove is not a hand. It has no life of its own. It can do nothing but lie where it is placed until a hand comes along and slips inside. But a hand transforms a glove. With a hand inside, the glove can do anything the hand can do: wave good-bye, scratch a head, pick up a pencil. And in fact it is only with a hand inside it that a glove can fulfill the purpose for which it was created. Think about that!

Do you see where I’m going? Christmas means that God wants to be the Hand in the glove of our lives. You see, God has always wanted to be with his people. It was Adam and Eve that hid from him; not vice versa. As the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, God met with them in the “tent of meeting.” And when Jesus came to earth, God put on skin and bones to meet with us earthlings. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14) According to Jefferson Bethke, author of It’s Not What You Think, the word “dwelt” can literally mean “to fix a tent.” The apostle John’s statement means Jesus is “pitching his tent” among us, his people. In fact, Jesus is called Immanuel, meaning “God with us.”

And now that Jesus has returned to heaven, his Holy Spirit dwells, “pitches his tent,” within us—just like a hand fills a glove. Jesus could be only in one place at one time. But His Holy Spirit is with all of us all the time. That is the Good News of Christmas. But this Holy Spirit is very courteous. He waits to be invited into our lives. I am so glad I took that step one Christmastime many decades ago! I would not want to have journeyed through the years without his comforting and guiding Presence.

This Christmas, don’t hide the Spirit within you.  Be a blessing. Share the joy that began when the angels sang. After all, it is only with the Hand of the Spirit inside us that we can fulfill the purpose for which we gloves were created. Think of that every time you pull on your gloves. Let the Spirit flow—so God may touch others through you.

Have a blessed Christmas!


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