Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Book Review: The Mind Connection

The Mind Connection:
How the Thoughts You Choose Affect Your Mood, Behavior, and Decisions
by Joyce Meyer

According to author Joyce Meyer, our attitudes originate in our minds. To change your attitude, take control of your thoughts. She writes, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don’t change it, you won’t go anywhere.” With plenty of scripture to back up her points, Meyer discusses how an attitude is something you choose. Of course it takes effort, and Meyer devotes an entire chapter to “The Power of Focus.”

Meyer encourages readers to plan ahead, to think through a day before it begins, so they are alert, prepared to face challenges. I found her focus on how our thoughts influence our actions toward others especially interesting. I never considered how much my thoughts about people determine how I treat them.

Our thoughts also affect our physical and emotional health. Worry is a complete waste of energy and time, according to Meyer, and creates stress. And she goes on to suggest ways to deal with worry and fearful thoughts that rob us of energy. They also affect our walk with God. Citing Jeremiah 1:5 to assure us of God’s love for us, she writes “You are not loved because you are valuable—you are valuable because you are loved.” I like such “sticky statements” that Meyer sprinkled throughout the book.

Controlling our thoughts means shutting down undesirable thoughts. For instance, if you want to lose weight, don’t think about food all the time. Meyer discusses seeing things from God’s perspective and reflecting God’s thoughts in our speech because words are containers filled with power—either negative or positive.

Each chapter ends with a listing of its main points, something I found helpful for review. And Meyer ends the book with a list of steps for regaining control of your thoughts and preventing mental overload. There are also notes for those who want to trace her writing to original sources.

All in all, a good read, something I found helpful and hope to apply in my own life.

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