Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Book Review: The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech

Have you ever read a book that expressed your own niggling feelings? That is what this book did for me. Author Kirsten Powers offers example after example of how the “illiberal” left tries to silence those with whom they disagree. She defines “illiberals” as those who consider themselves liberals but act in direct contradiction to the fundamental liberal values of free speech, debate and dissent. While hawking tolerance for all, illiberals are most intolerant to those who differ with their stance.

How often do you hear something in the news—an off-handed comment, a minor disturbance—that has been blown out of proportion? Powers, who labels herself a liberal, discusses why this happens and the goal of those behind such exaggerations.

Did you know some universities, where debating opposing viewpoints should be the norm, now require professors to publish “trigger warnings” in their syllabi? These are topics for discussion that may make some students uncomfortable, so students may opt out of class for such sessions. Some colleges have established “free speech zones,” where students must register in advance to promote or discuss a viewpoint.

Powers, who is a USA Today columnist and a Fox News contributor, discusses feminist attacks on conservatives and the “rape culture” created by illiberal feminists. The book includes 68 pages of notes along with a 16-page index. It’s a must read for those who look for ways to counter attacks on our freedoms and who long for commonsense to triumph in today’s pluralistic world.

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K. Weber said...

Sounds excellent! And disturbing. But very important. I will look this one up not only for myself but for my older children. So often we see what is happening in our society regarding free speech but feel a little helpless, as if engulfed in a wave. Maybe this book will help us to regain our footing before the next wave comes along, in whatever setting!