Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How's Your Connection?

Every now and then I get domestic. I dislike cooking. Don’t like to clean. But strawberries are in season (I’m writing this in June) and company is coming for several days, so today I am highly motivated. Yesterday I made four batches of strawberry jam. Today I made vegetable soup. It feels good while I’m doing it, but it tires me out. I hear a lot about hiring VA’s, virtual assistants. Well, I need a CCA, a cooking and cleaning assistant.

I write all that to say sometimes we act like that spiritually. We don’t like to read our Bibles because we don’t understand them. We don’t like to pray because it feels unproductive to sit and talk words into the air. However . . . when we’re hit by one of life’s storms, we become highly motivated. We blow the dust off our Bibles and find a verse that comforts our hearts. We pray. It feels good. We’re blessed by the experience. But it takes time, and so we soon give up connecting with God until the next emergency.

Well, just like I need to cook and clean on a daily basis—after all we must eat and I do want an orderly house—so we need to connect with God on a daily basis, whether or not we feel like it. We need the daily nourishment of God’s Word. This morning I was reminded in the book of Hebrews of how Jesus intercedes for us. I meditated on that for a while. Does that mean I should only pray to Jesus? I usually start my prayers calling on the Lord. In my mind that word covers all three Persons of the Trinity. But sometimes I pray to my Father God. I concluded that Jesus intercedes for us by representing us before the Father. After all, were it not for Him, we would have no access to the Father.

So if you haven't been taking time each day to connect with God, I encourage you to start making time to do just that. Yes, He hears our 9-1-1 prayers during the storms, but by taking a few minutes to connect with Him when the sun is shining. He is honored, and we are blessed.

An article I wrote, “24 Ways to Connect with God in 24 Hours,” can be viewed at these websites: If those links don't work for you, just send me an e-mail by reply or through my blog or website, and I'll e-mail a copy to you. And please share your best ways for connecting with God in the Comment box.

Have a Blessed Fourth of July.

Shirley Brosius

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