Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Review: The Hour That Changes the World: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer

If your prayer life has become routine, this book will add dimensions that you probably never considered. Author Dick Eastman was in his thirties when he was moved by the words of Christ to Peter in Matthew 26:40: “Could you not watch with Me one hour?” So Eastman developed a one-hour devotional time that consists of 12 5-minute segments, each segment concentrating on a different aspect of prayer. Book chapters explain those segments.

Eastman offers a pie-chart of the hour with related verses. I appreciated how at the end of each chapter he summarized his points in a few steps. This is especially helpful when you want to flip back to review. I also appreciated his differentiation between steps such as “watching” and “listening.” The former relates to looking for God at work in the world, while the latter relates to letting God speak to your heart. Eastman offers great tips throughout the book, and in the chapter on listening, he suggests writing down what you hear. That works especially well for me. I also liked his idea of singing and of scripture praying, letting Bible reading guide your prayers.

This book, published by Chosen, a division of Baker Book House, includes five pages of notes and a helpful Bibliography if you would like to read more on the Christians and writings Eastman referenced. He serves as international president of Every Home for Christ and is the originator of the Change the World School of Prayer.

While I have long held an hour-long devotional time, I timed myself on his segments and found the ones I had been missing were richly rewarding. I plan to continue checking his listing from time to time to be sure I don’t lose the refreshment this book has brought to my prayer life.

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