Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book Review: Dare Mighty Things - Mapping the Challenges of Leadershp for Christian Women

Spiritual gifts are not gender specific; women can serve in leadership. The challenge is to find your niche. Author Halee Gray Scott compares secular and Christian leadership, likening Christian leadership to shepherding. The problem for women is that they may not view themselves as that kind of a leader. And the church may fail to provide positions for women, which may send women with leadership skills to serve in nonprofits.

According to Scott, who is an author, scholar and global leadership consultant, young women especially may have trouble discerning God’s call on their lives. Some feel unprepared while others feel excluded from informal networks. Scott herself has struggled to find balance between home work/ministry. She includes guidelines to aid women in finding their calling. She discusses the double bind of possessing strong leadership qualities—such as assertiveness—that tend to come across in a negative way because they are not traditional “feminine” traits. Women, therefore, she advises, must learn to blend such strengths with compassion.

Scott discusses how “women’s ministry” was originally a program by women, rather than for women, and stressed the need of women to contribute rather than be entertained.

Scott presents a thorough overview of today’s terrain of women in ministry. Hopefully, her book will open eyes to a sane approach of men and women ministering together. Building the kingdom requires “all hands on deck,” and women should not have to leave the church to find venues of service that utilize their giftedness. 

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