Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Review: The Auschwitz Escape

I read a lot of books, and this ranks as one of the best. Author Joel C. Rosenberg takes you there—to the land, to the people, to the atrocities that triggered World War 2. Through personal, gut-wrenching stories you meet people so real they become your friends. You want to talk with Jacob, a Jew, whose journey took him from his childhood home to the Auschwitz death camp.

You want to meet Abigail who befriended him in Auschwitz and proved to be a loyal friend. Since you cannot imagine living under death camp conditions, you want to talk with those who did—and survived. Or gave their lives so others might.

Because we like to think mankind is basically human, it was difficult for the world to believe and grasp what was happening in Germany. And it only happened because of men and women like Jacob and Abigail who risked their lives to make it known.

I love the author’s short chapters introduced by date and place. Great writing. Action on every page. And you know that, although it’s a novel, the situations were all too true for those who lived in those times and places.

The author, an evangelical Christian born of a Jewish father and Gentile mother, shares his source material in the final pages along with his own motivation for writing the book. This is definitely a five-star read, great for book clubs.

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