Saturday, April 12, 2014

Book Review: A Fall of Marigolds

Author Susan Meissner is a pro at transporting you between two worlds, and you know, of course, that before the book ends, the worlds will intersect. Her intriguing plot twists and turns, however, keep you guessing until the last page. In this book, she weaves threads between a woman who witnessed the collapse of the World Trade Towers, which caused the death of her husband, and a woman who survived a century-earlier fire that took the life of a friend.

The stories connect through a scarf printed with marigolds, hence the title. Meissner’s novels always have something for readers to take away, and this one is no exception. The ethical dilemma faced by a nurse serving at Ellis Island Hospital will challenge your thinking.

This latest story by Meissner may well be my favorite, although I have thoroughly enjoyed each of her books that I've read. You cannot imagine the path she weaves between the centuries or the complexities that touch the lives of the main characters, Taryn and Clara.

A conversation with Susan Meissner and questions for discussion make this a good pick for book clubs. Meissner shares how she picked Ellis Island Hospital as an important setting after viewing a documentary film, "Forgotten Ellis Island." She also shares about her process of writing and what's next on her horizon. Interesting, to say the least. A good read--guaranteed!

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