Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Noticer Returns

The Noticer Returns, a novel by Andy Andrews

          I almost quit reading this book early on. New characters kept appearing, and I kept getting interrupted in my reading and confused understanding the plot. But I had already taken a few notes I wanted to remember, so I soldiered on. And am I glad I did. This may go down as one of the best books I’ve read, certainly one of the most thought provoking.
          Jones, whose personage is never explained, keeps turning up at strategic points in people’s lives. As they struggle with life’s challenges he helps them see things from a fresh perspective. For instance, to parents seeking advice on molding the character of their children, he points out the difference between integrity and morality. When was the last time you thought about that? To a woman refusing to visit her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, he points out what the woman is missing by keeping her distance.
          The subtitle “Sometimes you find perspective, and sometimes perspective finds you” tells you what author Andy Andrews is about. A great storyteller, Andrews offers a fun read sneaking in principles valuable to couples, parents, teachers, employers, employees—really anyone facing the complex issues of life. In other words, everyone!


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