Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book Review: Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams: God's Unexpected Path to Joy

If you’ve ever felt God deserted you when tragedy struck, this book is for you. Larry Crabb’s insights will change your way of thinking. In a good way. Instead of feeling like God deserts us when things go wrong, we should see such situations as opportunities to get to know God better. Rather than leaving us in a lurch, God is actually inviting us to draw closer to him and to get to know him better. I like that thought! And I have found what Crabb says to be true in my own life, although I wish I had read this book 30 years ago.

Crabb, a well-known psychologist and Bible teacher, bases his insights on the book of Ruth and especially on Naomi’s journey from bitterness to wholeness.

According to Crabb, the best “good” we can experience in this life is to know God better. So bad experiences are really pathways to blessing—if we respond to them in faith. Shattered Dreams offers great thoughts in short easy-to-read chapters. The book includes a detailed discussion guide to help you process the information, ideally within a group, since relying on community with others is another of Crabb’s points. The final chapter wraps things up by centering on who God is, who we are and how can we enjoy each other more fully. By reading this book, you just may change those shattered dreams from nightmares into hope for a better tomorrow.

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