Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Review: Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

If you’ve ever wondered what possible good can come out of a bad situation, this is the book for you. Offering plenty of illustrations, author John Maxwell looks at what people have gained and how they’ve grown through adversity. This book offers a commonsense approach to life that makes you wonder why you didn’t notice for yourself the points Maxwell makes.

A sentence in the final chapter sums things up: “My purpose in writing this book has been to help you to learn how to learn—from your losses, failures, mistakes, challenges, and bad experiences.” He then goes on to discuss how learning all too often decreases as winning increases, how our thinking must (and can) change and how to maintain a positive mental attitude. Maxwell has a way of breaking down complex concepts into digestible bites. The book is easy to read and to understand. Through it all, he stresses the importance of learning and the opportunities for growth offered by it. A good read and a good book to discuss with others. I’ve already given one as a pre-Christmas gift to someone facing a challenge.

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