Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Wake-Up Call--From God!

Two fawns frolicking in our backyard

The deer in the woods by our house represent God to me. I know they are there, but I don’t see much of them. Last summer a doe and two fawns visited our yard from time to time, but most times I see no evidence of deer. Neighbors, however, sometimes tell me they glimpse deer crossing the street. I notice a shrub that deer like to munch on become more straggly as winter progresses. And we see deer tracks in the snow. So I KNOW the deer are around. So it is with God. At times I see evidence of his work in my life, but more often than not, I live by faith; I simply KNOW He is there. 

One morning last December I awoke early, walked into my kitchen and flicked on the light to the backyard. There stood a gorgeous doe, looking right at me. We stared at each other for a few minutes until I turned off the light and backed away from the window so as not to frighten her.

What startled me about seeing that doe was that that morning I had awakened very heavy in my spirit. I was asking myself, “Where is God in all this?” You see, it was the morning after the Sandy Hook shootings. Weren’t we all asking ourselves, “How could a loving God let something so horrific happen to precious children?” But that morning, that doe reminded me that God is very real and very present--even in the worst of times.

God works through the emergency personnel to restore order. He touches grieving parents through the arms of compassionate friends. He speaks through pastors and people of faith. He cries, too, through us who are saddened that evil has touched the innocent. I will never forget the peace that came over my soul as I watched that doe and such thoughts came to me.

We’ve recently witnessed more heartbreaking events in our nation—the Boston bombing, the Texas explosion. So I just want to remind us all that God is not absent or silent and neither should we be. Wherever evil abounds, he stands for truth—through us. Wherever people hurt, he brings healing—through us. Wherever people despair, he offers hope—through us. What a privilege it is to represent him in a hurting world.
What symbol might represent God for you? Find something—a piece of wall d├ęcor, something from nature, a certain object. And notice how often God brings it to your sight and your mind—just when you need it. If you already have such a symbol, leave a comment and share with us what it is that reminds you of our Wonderful God.

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