Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Eight Reasons to Warm a Pew

Our older son Ted and his family lighting an Advent wreath at their church.

A friend once declined an invitation to attend church with me. She said she was very close to God, but she didn’t need to attend church to commune with Him. I understand. I must admit that at times I feel closer to God while communing with Him at home than I do while worshipping in church. But I also know that I need to fellowship with other Christians. Here’s why:

  1. Faith is affirmed. As I sing a hymns, I realize that Christians around the world are singing the same words of faith. I am not alone. God is not a figment of my imagination. Some of the best minds in history have wrestled with the scriptures and found them to be true.

  1. Faith is informed. As I listen to sermons, attend Sunday school and hear testimonies, I learn about God and recognize His Spirit at work in our world.

  1. Service is valued. The church offers a place to use my talents, skills and spiritual gifts. We all want to do great things for God; a local congregation offers the best place to start, even if it means doing small things for God in a great way. Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NLT) states: “Two people can accomplish more than twice as much as one.” Sure we can serve God alone; but we accomplish more together.

  1. Worship is magnified. There’s something about praying with others, singing with others, even listening with others that makes me feel part of something bigger. My praise increases as I join others in worship.

  1. Relationships are enhanced. Jesus commands us to love one another (John 13:35). It’s important to rub shoulders with other Christians so that we get to know them and they get to know us.

  1. Witness is strengthened. I am able to re-enter the Monday morning work-a-day world strengthened in my faith and motivated to make a difference for Christ. My presence in a congregation shows others that I am serious about my faith.

  1. Families are solidified. We sing “Bind us together, Lord,” and our hearts are knit as a congregation and as a family. We shape our children’s souls as we walk the journey of faith together. Even the youngest learns from us that church is a special place.

  1. Sunday becomes special. By beginning my week with worship, I set the day apart to concentrate on God. Remember we are commanded to keep the Sabbath holy; God blesses us as we honor him on the first day of the week.

Hope to see you in church this Sunday. Leave a comment to share which of these reasons (or what other reason) is important to you in attending church.


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Our younger son Terry and family upon his graduation from seminary.

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