Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review: She's Got Issues

She's Got Issues: Seriously good news for stressed out, secretly scared control freaks like us

If you want a look in the mirror, this is the book to read. With in-chapter lists, author Nicole Unice asks probing questions that help you assess your issues. Chapter endings (called Space Bars) offer a prayer, a journaling exercise and questions for group discussion.

Unice is right on the money in the issues she discusses. Who of us has not struggled with maintaining control of our lives (and those of our family members)? Who has not felt insecure or unforgiving? Who has not compared herself to others? Or felt anger or fear? These are issues to which any woman can relate.

But Unice not only defines the issues, she offers hope that by God’s grace they may be overcome. The only thing better than working through this book on your own would be to work through it with others and learn what has worked for them. Last night I met with a dozen women for a Bible study based on this book's DVD curriculum. Each session includes a 5-minute testimony of a woman with an "issue" and 15 minutes of Nicole's teaching. We'll take time for discussion too. And desserts. What Bible study is complete without dessert? Anyone in the Millersburg, PA-area is welcome to join us. 

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